The Roosevelt Institute at UGA is a student-run think tank and civic engagement organization. We seek to spark policy-related discussions, increase voter participation, and provide resources for students interested in developing their own policy projects. Roosevelt @ UGA provides opportunities for its members to engage in active learning about current policy issues, advocate for policy change in their local communities, and publish original policy memos in a national journal. Although we are the official University of Georgia chapter of the national Roosevelt Institute network, Roosevelt @ UGA maintains a nonpartisan position in order to serve all students and foster uncommon partnerships across our campus and community.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, Roosevelt @ UGA looks forward to continuing the civic engagement programming for which our organization is known, including UGAVotes, 10 Ideas, Relevant Issues Forums, Professor Panels, and the Jeffersonian Dinner. In addition, we are very excited to announce a new initiative that will place Roosevelt at the intersection of public policy and community service: the Community Policy Partnership. The goal of the Community Policy Partnership (CPP) is twofold: to provide Roosevelt @ UGA members with real-world policy experience, and to support the work of community-based organizations (CBOs) in Athens. We envision a collaborative effort in which Roosevelt members can contribute their well-honed skills in policy research, writing, and advocacy to causes and projects championed by CBOs, setting the stage for long-term social change. Through the CPP, we hope to build a campus-community partnership that is meaningful, sustainable, equitable—one that will make a lasting difference on our local policy landscape.

Roosevelt @ UGA seeks to create policy partnerships with community organizations where we will provide policy, advocacy, and research expertise with the goal of strengthening the Athens-Clarke county community through multiple policy areas including but not limited to education, economy, human rights, democratic access, energy/environment, and healthcare. Roosevelt @ UGA will provide qualified and thoroughly vetted student policy analysts—some of whom have published in the national Roosevelt Institute’s 10 Ideas journal, worked at the Center for American Progress and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, and studied at the London School of Economics—that will aid in the community organization’s efforts. These policy analysts would function similarly to consultants, and their responsibilities and workload should correspond to that role. We wish to provide tangible results in the form of various deliverables that will meet the needs of the organization. This deliverable may take many forms, including but not limited to a research report, best practices report, policy proposal, presentation, advocacy materials, or other formats according to the preferences of the partner organization. Multiple deliverables may be produced so long as previously agreed upon roles and responsibilities are upheld.