Greeting to the Reader

By Mitra Kumareswaran

Welcome to Three Pillars: New Policy Perspectives from under the Arch, Roosevelt @ UGA’s premier blog!

Three Pillars provides a platform for students at The University of Georgia to publish policy pieces and opinion editorials in a variety of areas, including healthcare, education, equal justice, energy, and international diplomacy. Dating back to 1785, the UGA arch marks the entrance of the country’s oldest public university, home to both tradition and innovation. The three pillars of the arch symbolize wisdom, justice, and moderation -- three characteristics that embody UGA student and academic life and the future Roosevelters aim to write.

Every month, Three Pillars: New Policy Perspectives from under the Arch will feature a “Policy Issues Forum Series” or “PIF Series” highlighting monthly roundtable discussions (PIFs) hosted by the UGA Honors Policy Scholars Course. Students in the course, Roosevelt, and other organizations across campus come together to analyze policy alternatives to pressing local, state, national, or international issues. And, those who attend are invited to write short pieces on main talking points and the policy solution they most strongly support. Students also have the opportunity to publish pieces on other events or issues relevant to their individual work and interests.

Roosevelt @ UGA challenges and enables students to voice their visions of a better society and works towards a common good. As the Editors of Three Pillars: New Policy Perspectives from under the Arch, we are committed to ensuring that this platform will inspire thinkers to become doers, to not only write policy, but to rewrite the rules.


Thank you and Go Dawgs!

Mitra Kumareswaran, Executive Editor, Roosevelt @ UGA

Vineet Raman, Tech Editor, Roosevelt @ UGA