Meet the Blog Team


mitra kumareswaran

Executive Editor

Mitra Kumareswaran is a fourth-year student from Lilburn, Georgia. She is double major in Biology (with an emphasis in Neuroscience) and English. She has been an active member of Roosevelt@UGA since her freshman year when her policy, A Tax-Deferred Trust: Reducing the Financial Burdens of Families with Special Needs Children was published in the healthcare section of the 2014 10 Ideas series which is annually published by Roosevelt Institute and features competitively selected policy proposals by college students. In 2015 as a sophomore, Mitra presented policy research titled, Addressing the Lack of Access to Public Assistance Services for Adults with Autism at her university's annual research symposium. She also served as the student Editor-in-Chief for the healthcare chapter of the 2015 10 Ideas Series. After spending her Junior year studying abroad at The University of Oxford, Mitra is excited to return to Roosevelt@UGA as its Executive Editor during the inaugural year of its new blog, Three Pillars: New Policy Perspectives from Under the Arch.  Mitra is very interested in policies which address the obstacles to healthcare and education that many individuals with special-needs may face at both the federal and state levels. She plans to pursue a career in either pediatric neurology with a focus in autism or developmental pediatrics and to use her position in the medical field to further her involvement in policies that affect those with specials needs.  When she isn't in the library poring over biochemistry notes or drafting essays, Mitra enjoys hiking, playing the double bass, and having Netflix marathons with friends. 

Sebastian Puerta

Assistant Blog Editor

Sebastian Puerta is a second-year participating in the Economics AB/MA program. He hopes to attend graduate school and conduct further research on large macroeconomic problems such as declining social mobility, labor displacements due to technology, and the productivity slump.  His current policy research concerns the lack of social mobility in Atlanta, its causes and consequences, and how to fix it. In addition, he is conducting research with professor Tim Samples of the Legal Studies department on Investor State Disputes. Sebastian is also an active participant in various ethnic clubs such as The Multicultural Business Student Association, the Hispanic Organization Promoting Education, and the Hispanic Student Association. In his free time, Sebastian loves playing blues guitar, writing, and cooking Latino food.